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Who we are

New Financial is a think tank that makes the case for bigger and better capital markets in the UK and Europe as a force for social and economic good.

Our latest reports

March 2024

UK capital markets

Explores the structural shift over the past few decades in the way UK pension funds invest the money they allocate to equities.

A mechanical drag on UK equities

December 2023

UK capital markets

Measuring the regional footprint and impact of the industry through the lens of Pension Insurance Corporation.

The social and economic value of finance

February 2024

UK capital markets

The case for transitioning unfunded public sector occupational pension schemes to a funded model - and how to do it.

The radical option in UK pensions

November 2023

UK capital markets

How ISAs could help kickstart a recovery in UK capital markets.

Paper - A £10bn short in the arm for UK equities?

January 2024

EU capital markets

Update of our analysis of the state of play and growth potential in EU capital markets.

A renewed vision for EU capital markets

November 2023

Driving diversity | WIFC

Assessing the impact of the charter on signatories and the benefits and challenges they face.

HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter: signatory survey 2023

Our events

Women in Finance Charter submissions forms webinar

September 2024 (TBC)

Driving diversity | WIFC

An opportunity for signatories to ask questions on best practice when filling out their annual update submissions.

Virtual post-election DEI catch-up

July 2024

Driving diversity

An informal discussion with New Financial members to discuss what election result will mean for their DEI agenda

Workshop on ‘The future of smaller company capital markets’

July 2024

UK capital markets

A workshop as part of our project on ‘The future of smaller company capital markets’.

A ‘deep dive’ on UK pensions and capital markets reform

June 2024

UK capital markets

A virtual event focusing on the reform agenda in UK pensions and capital markets

What’s on your mind: General Election 2024

June 2024

UK capital markets

The focus of this event will be to discuss your thoughts and perspectives on key areas in the week before election day

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